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Insurance Claims

Depending on the particular circumstances of the damage to your roof, whether it was damaged from bad weather or the age of the roof itself, you may be able to file a claim to cover a majority of the cost to get the roof worked on. Typically a claim is most often filed when a roof needs a major repair or to be replaced completely.

How a Roofing Claim Works

When you file a claim with your insurance company for work to be done on your roof there are a series of steps that you must go through that ultimately will end with your insurance company covering the cost of your roof work. Typically for residential and commercial properties the process is similar and goes as follows.

First start by calling your insurance company and relaying them all of the necessary information. This information typically includes the damage done to your roof and that it was found and looked at by your Tampa Bay Roofer professionals. There may be a need for another inspection to be done through your insurance company in which case you will need to plan that out with them.

Once that happens, you can let us know if the insurance company is sending someone out to check it out and you can ask us if you’d like us to be present so we can show them the damage where the repairs need to be made so you get the proper insurance claim processed.

At the end of the inspection, the insurance company should be able to determine the cost of repair for the roof, in addition to the quote we have given you for it plus what the claim adjuster has as well it should be pretty simple in terms of the getting the right amount of money for the repair or replacement from the insurance company.

Once the insurance company gives you the go ahead to move forward with your claim, you should be notified later with an approval for the amount that was estimated to cover the cost of the work to be done.

Then finally all you need to do is file the proper paperwork with your insurance company and obtain any necessary building permits. These are all things we can help you with so that we can get your roof worked on as quickly as possible!